Watch out for KLAYSTAR phishing.

Mar 8, 2022


Hello, we are KLAYSTAR.

Today (3/8) on Twitter,
We are informing you that there has been a case of pretending to be Klaystar
and holding an Airdrop event.

Twitter ID: KlayStar_ (blocked now)

Please pay special attention to the phishing site or request for deposit under the guise of Klaystar.
Please always check the official address of Klaystar below.

ㅁ Twitter :
ㅁ Site: ※OneOn Inc.
ㅁ Docs :
ㅁ Medium :
ㅁ Telegram :
ㅁ Email :

■ About the Airdrop schedule.
Currently, token generation and contract verification functions have been developed.
We are developing an automatic IDO function.

Airdrop proceeds when automatic IDO function development is completed and a liquidity pool is created.
We expect it to be at the end of March or early April.

Thank you.